Dorit W.

Intuitive Coach & Energetic Healer

For many, shopping for clothes is a fun experience.  For me, just the idea of it is so stressful that I have avoided it for as long as I can.  It triggers feelings of not being good enough, not having the perfect body, and just wanting to hide.  I have been on a healing journey this last year and a half and I decided things had to change.  I needed help... so I called June.  

June took me through this beautiful process of exploration.  It helped me get in touch with how I wanted to feel, how I wanted others to feel when they were in my presence, and how wearing different colors played a role in my energy.  Just also held space for me to go through all of my insecurities- without judgment.  This created a beautiful trust between us, which opened me up to try on clothes I wouldn't have even looked at.  She lovingly pushed me out of my comfort zone, and as a result, I felt SO beautiful.  I could see myself with different eyes - loving eyes.  I have been doing so much work on the inside that it's beautiful and empowering to be able to match the outside.  

Thank you, June, with all my heart.

Ada T.

Founder & CEO of Guise Etiquette

Thank you so much, June, for making me look and feel so good about myself! 


For me, being a CEO means worrying about everything else before yourself so when I had to do a photoshoot for my company's press release, I had so much anxiety.  I do not like taking full length photos of myself so I expressed to June my issues with self image.  She not only created outfits catered to my body type, but she also used the company's branding to incorporate our colors into my looks.  June's experience being a costume designer really gave her the edge and ability to create beautiful looks that told my story.  She's the fairy godmother that every Cinderella needs!  I had an amazing time learning about what works for my body type.  In fact, when I go shopping for myself now I still refer to everything June taught me. 


You changed the way I perceive clothing.  Thank you for that, June! 

Deborah Ann Woll.

Actress "Trueblood" & "Daredevil"

One night June and I were out to dinner and we ended up on the topic of style.  On the drive home I became emotional trying to explain my complicated relationship to my style and how that related to my overall confidence.  I felt insecure in so many ways and dressed to hide my body, my personality, and my uniqueness.  I was so intimidated by how "style" might define me that I had taken myself completely out of the game.  She listened patiently and compassionately, and thankfully, June said she could help me. 


I was nervous to step out of my comfort zone but we arranged a day to shop.  I was amazed at how fun it was.  I had never had fun shopping in my life.  It was usually fraught with frustration and self loathing.  But June never pressured me or forced anything.  We just talked about who I was authentically and what I wanted people to know about me at first glance.  She seamlessly translated that into a style that was easy for a beginner like me to mix and match and create an understated yet attractive style.  We also talked about some intermediate options that I could look into once I felt ready.  We did this twice and completely replaced my old wardrobe of old tees and ill-fitting jeans.  I still wear jeans most of the time, but now they fit and represent the clean, understated look I like, rather than a woman who has given up.  

I am so grateful for June.  I genuinely stand a little taller and worry less that people will think poorly of me, and I have June to thank for that.

© 2017 June Suepunpuck