When I spoke to Britt about her personal-branding style, she admitted that she was unhappy with what she wore in her previous shoot.  She said she didn't really think about what she was going to wear.  In fact, Britt told me chose 'things that felt safe and basic, which were boring tops and neutral colors.'  So I asked her what her style wishes were and she had 4 requests:

1.  I want my outfits to look cohesive with my brand.

2.  I want to show more of my personality.

3.  I do NOT want to feel like I'm wearing a costume.  

4.  I want to look and feel like an elevated version of myself.   

So I did what I always do with my clients-- I got to know the person behind the business.  Once I saw Britt's playful humor, warm heart, and her fearless creative spirit, it became clear to me why she was so unhappy with her previous outfits.  None of them really captured her true essence.   She's a  far cry from boring, basic, and neutral!

So to make sure that I understood her taste, I asked to see some of her work.  She ended up showing me her Instagram account @SwellPress  and....  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I was so blown away!  There were explosions of color and elegant embellishments, luxurious paper, and a wide variety of styles.  I was in love. Right away I knew we had to incoporate these gorgeous colors and textures into her final outfits.


In the end, I chose to combine these elements for her photoshoot:

-Pops of color against neutral tops

-Fun textures and intricate embellishments

-A casual meets glam vibe

-Clean and modern

-Creative and funky

-A high end feel to match the upscale quality of her products


If I could bottle up June's magic and sell it to anybody needing a boost in their self-image, I'd be a millionaire.  Working with June to nail down my personal branding image was by far one of the best investments I've made in my brand relaunch.  June's ability to know what will work on my body, what will work on camera, and what will work in the scene is unparalleled.  Her sartorial talents are only outshined by her personality, her confidence in her skill and kindness.  On top of that, she has an uncanny ability to talk to you through the issues that are (let's face it), deeper than just the surface level dillemas of what jeans make your butt look good. 


June, you are amazing.

-Britt Rohr, CEO of Swell Press Paper Co

© 2017 June Suepunpuck