Winn came to me wanting to elevate her look to match her quickly growing business as a coach.  The pictures above are from her old site as well as her Yelp page and represent her previous style.  She was in the process of rebranding her website, which meant redoing her photos and her look.  Together, we went through a 4-week intensive that- I am proud to say- has now captured her essence and beauty from the inside out.

Watch the video below to see Winn's Style Story and hear her experience working with me.

Here are the key words I used to help come up with Winn's personal style brand:

Luxurious, Edgy, Powerful, Modern, Fun, Ageless, Chic, Professional, Classy, & East Coast meets West Coast.

By changing her silhouette, fabric choices, and encouraging her to embrace colors outside of black (her comfort zone), we were able to achieve a style that reflects her brand as well as her personality.  Now she's the absolute rockstar that I've always known her to be!

And, of course, if you're looking for an amazing coach to guide your business or even your life, please check Winn out at 


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