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How do you feel each day when you walk outside?  Are you proud?  Owning it?  Exuding pleasure and play and pure joy?  Or are you a little less certain?  Unclear on what story you're telling, and perhaps, unaware that you're telling a story with your style at all?


Your personal brand is an expression of the way you feel, the work you do, and what you care about.  After 15 years of costume designing, consulting, and styling, I've learned that finding your style story starts with knowing and loving who you are. I'm here to help you find and embody the best version of you.

I want you to feel great in your clothes, in your body, in your person, and let your happiness be contagious.  I want nothing more than to see you express your authentic passion and inner joy to the world.  I love helping people find that pop of light and let it shine through.




Everything you wear on the outside reflects what's happening on the inside, and every style choice you make give clues to who you are and how you're feeling.  The clothes you choose can also affect your confidence, which can mean getting clients, being happier, and ultimately, making an impact on the world.  What story are you telling about yourself and what you have to offer?

Your personal brand comes from within.  Developing your style is a journey of self-exploration, using clothes as the vehicle.  I'll work with you through a conversation and exploration of personal growth and loving your body, including matching your self image with the way you want the world to see you.  I'll help you curate a look and color palette that you can use online across platforms, and in person.  

Confidence, passion, joy, and style?  Yes please!  Who knew that understanding who you are in your essence could be so fun?

You're ready.  Let's do this.  Let me help you step into the brand that is authentically you.

What I Offer


Britt Rohr is the founder and CEO of Swell Press, a boutique design and letterpress company based in Los Angeles.  Check out the before and afters of her style transformation and how I came up with her final looks.

Thank you so much, June, for making me look good AND feel good about myself...

Being a CEO means worrying about everything else before me.  When I had to do a photoshoot for my company's press release, I had so much anxiety because I felt insecure about my body and I shared my self image issues with June.  She not only created outfits catered to my body type, but she also used the company's branding to incorporate our details into the looks.  Her experience with being a costume designer  really gave her the edge and ability to create beautiful outfits that told my story.  June's the fairy godmother that every Cinderella needs!  I had an amazing time learning about what works for my body type and my brand.  In fact, when I go shopping for myself now I still refer back to everything she taught me.  She changed the way I perceive clothing.

Ada Trinh, CEO of Guise Etiquette & Lunula Nails & Wellness

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